Top-Notch Thursday

It was a little hot today but that didn’t stop campers from having a blast! Our talent show is tomorrow night and we already have a full sign-up sheet. We cannot wait to see all the talents we have here at camp. Several green shirt campers attended Liturgy this morning at the Monastery Church and many others are taking advantage of reading at morning and evening prayers. The teens had a great talk with Fr. John Parker, the dean here at St. Tikhon’s Seminary. He spoke about the saints that have walked the exact land that the campers are on this week. They were also put up to a hard vote of who wore the better socks- Fr. John or Fr. Timothy. Fr. Timothy was the winner with green eggs and ham socks. The green and yellow shirts attended choir rehearsal tonight with Choir Director Janet. Our Divine Liturgy on Saturday morning is going to sound beautiful! We finished off the day with a very funny and exciting story time with Fr. Timothy. Fun was had by all!

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