Virtual Camp Week 2

We are officially in week 2 of our virtual camp program! Week 1 was filled with lots of fun and smiles. We had some great Zoom video calls where campers were able to try to stump our camp chaplain and others that were for fellowship and fun. Many campers did activities from the virtual choice boards and shared their experiences on our camp flipgrids. It was so nice to see campers having fun and doing the activities in their own creative ways.

There are new choice boards for week 2 and they are posted on our website. Campers are welcome to complete those activities but are free to go back and complete any activities from week 1's boards. We can't wait to see more videos!

Although we cannot have our traditional talent show in person, we will be having a virtual one. Campers can record a video and post it to the talent show flipgrid. Like our other flipgrids, campers are able to comment on each other's videos and share a compliment. Campers can record and comment at any time during the week. Check your email for a recent message with the information regarding the talent show.

We hope everyone is enjoying our virtual camp so far! If you have any questions or need help with any of the activities, please feel free to reach out to the camp directors. Have fun in week 2!

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