Teen Thursday

We would like to dedicate today's post to our teen program. The teen program consists of children from ages 14-18. Their program differs in a few ways from the other campers' program. Unlike our other religious education workshops, their workshop is lead by our camp chaplain, Fr. Timothy Hojnicki. They may also be lead by visiting clergy which is something that occurred several times this week. Today, the discussion was lead by Fr. Samuel Davis, rector of St. Simon of Cyrene Mission in New Brunswick, NJ. They also have a different theme than the rest of the camp. We strive to have a young adult theme in which their age group can relate with. Their camp theme this week is Offering a Christian Witness.

Another unique aspect of the teen program is their competition. Teens are divided into four teams and compete in challenges and activities throughout the week. This week's theme is Avengers: The End Game. The four teams are Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Some of the competition activities include a dodge ball tournament, an ice cream eating relay, a kick ball tournament, human Mario Kart, and Orthodox Jeopardy.

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