Reason #3- Why Should You Be a Counselor?

Reason #3- You have the opportunity for spiritual renewal.

There are several ways you can grow spiritually while being at camp. Some include:

  1. Participating in morning and evening prayers with the whole camp.

  2. Attending Vespers and Divine Liturgy in the monastery church.

  3. Participating in church singing and reading.

  4. Experiencing the grounds of St. Tikhon's Monastery where saints have walked.

  5. Having your confession heard.

  6. Visiting the monastery bookstore where several publications, icons, and other church articles are sold.

  7. Visiting the monastery museum and icon repository.

  8. Discussing iconography with our camp iconographer.

  9. Having the opportunity to visit and talk with monastic community.

  10. Praying on the peaceful seminary and monastery grounds.

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