Reason #1-Why Should You Be a Counselor?

Reason #1- You get to spend a week with other Orthodox Christian adults.

In this day and age, it is hard to find other Orthodox Christians in your workplace, schools, or communities. Especially in America, the Orthodox Christian population is very small. It is hard when people around you do not understand your lifestyle, morals, or traditions. It is hard when you have to explain the purpose of fasting, why Pascha is on a different day than Western Easter, or other traditions related to the Church. When at camp, you are surrounded with other adults that will understand your lifestyle and share several things in common with you- the most important being your faith. When you leave camp, you leave with an extended network of adult friends that you can confide in or share your joys with.

Food for thought- Do you ever feel like there are no or few Orthodox Christian adults in your area? Do you find it hard to meet Orthodox Christians, outside of your parish, and have strong and supportive relationships? If the answer is no, St. Tikhon's Camp can be a great opportunity for you to meet new people!

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