2 Weeks Left to Register!

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Dear Readers,

Today marks 50 days until our 2017 season opens, and there are only 2 weeks left to get your registration forms postmarked. Please be sure to visit our Camper Registration & Online Payment page today!

MEMORIAL DAY PILGRIMAGE We hope to see many of you at the Monastery in just a few short weeks for their annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage, to be held May 26-29.

Check out this beautiful video featuring Archimandrite Sergius, Abbot of the Monastery, explaining the importance of the Pilgrimage. The multi-day event is spent in prayerful remembrance of the departed individuals who gave their time, and in many cases, their lives, in defense our country, and also remembering the defenders of our faith.

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