Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to attend camp?

A: Please see our Fee Structure page for more information.

Q: What does my child need to bring to camp?

A: Please download the Packing List to learn more about what your child should pack.

Q. May I visit my child during camp, or may I bring a group of children from my church to camp for the day to show them what camp is like?

A: We love having visitors! However, arrangements need to be made in advance with the Camp Directors. If you'd like to plan a visit, please contact us a

Q: May I attend camp as a counselor for the purpose of being with my child throughout the week?
A: No. Except for special cases, our campers will be permitted to develop friendships and experience personal development in a parent-free environment. If you feel your child is not ready to be alone at a sleep-away camp (or if you are not ready to let your child be away for a full week of sleep-away camp), please consider waiting a year or two before registering your child.

Q. May I volunteer as a counselor as a donation of my time in order to reduce my child's tuition fee?

A: No.

Q: What if my child has a health concern or food allergy?
A: Please make sure your child’s health concern or food allergy is listed on his or her medical form. You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s medical needs and medications with our camp nurse upon arrival. If your child has a food allergy, never fear - our superior kitchen staff is experienced and can accommodate your child’s needs.


Q: What if I have a child with special needs who would like to attend camp?
A: While we would like to welcome all children to Saint Tikhon’s Summer Camp, our 100% volunteer staff is not trained to work with children who have special needs. In some cases, we are able to make accommodations. We recommend contacting the Camp Directors directly to discuss. Additionally, please know that there is now an Orthodox camping program for youth with disabilities that is administered by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. The St. Nicholas Program of All Saints Camp in Emlenton, PA, is for youths with special needs ages 9-19 and their families. The program operates at the end of June. Please visit for more information.

Q: Can my child choose to room with a friend?

A: If your child is in the same age group as a friend (7-8, 9-11, 12-13, 14-17), we will make an effort to place him or her in the same room or adjoining rooms. You can make this request by emailing the Camp Directors at  before June 17.

Q: My child is right on the borderline to be able to move up to the next age group. Can my child be placed in the next group?

A: Please contact the Camp Directors at  to discuss your child's individual situation. Please reach out as early as possible. We cannot make changes to age groups after June 17.

Q: Can my child bring a friend who is not Orthodox?

A: Yes! Of course. Sometimes it's very helpful for a child (especially a first-time camper) to bring a friend from home, even if the friend follows a different tradition of faith.

Q: How many children attend camp at one time, and how many counselors are there to supervise?
A: About 125 children attend camp each summer. There are about 55 counselors & specialized staff members present to supervise and keep things running smoothly.


Q: How safe will my child be at camp?
A: We take safety very seriously at Saint Tikhon’s Summer Camp. All of our counselors are pre-screened with reference checks and a Pennsylvania State Child Abuse and Criminal Background check. Out-of-state counselors must undergo an FBI fingerprint check. We are compliant with OCA and Pennsylvania regulations for volunteer staffed summer camps.  We have at least one licensed Emergency Medical Technician and/or Registered Nurse on staff at all times. The pool is staffed with a Certified Lifeguard. Several other staff members are CPR/First Aid Certified. The camp operates on a ‘buddy system’ policy. Regular head counts ensure that all our campers are accounted for. Additionally, our arrival and departure policy ensures that each camper leaves with the people who have been designated to take him or her home.