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Camp Fee

  • The Overnight Camper fee is currently $360.00 per child.
  • Day campers pay a reduced fee of $260.00 per child.
  • There is a $50 late fee that applies to any registrations postmarked after the deadline.

T-Shirt Recycling Discount
Families can save $20 on a child's tuition by recycling their own camp shirts, as long as the shirts are the correct color for the child's age group (7-8: blue, 9-11: green, 12-13: yellow, 14-17: gray).

Saint Tikhon's Summer Camp currently is not sufficiently funded to provide scholarships. Hopefully, past campers and staff will help us establish a scholarship fund. We also encourage all our parishes to ensure that all their youth are able to attend camp by underwriting the cost. Hopefully, parishes will not embarass anyone by having to ask for assistance in paying the camp fee. This is already being done in other jurisdictions for many years.

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