Fee Structure

Camp Fee
  • The camp fee is currently $375.00 ($325 Tuition + $50 Registration) per child.

  • Day campers pay a reduced fee of $275.00 ($225 Tuition + $50 Registration) per child.

  • There is a $50 late fee that applies to any registrations postmarked after the deadline.

Multiple Child Discount

We will waive the $50 registration fee for families sending more than one sibling.

T-Shirt Recycling Discount

Families can save $20 on a child's tuition by recycling their own camp shirts, as long as the shirts are the correct color for the child's age group (7-8: blue, 9-11: green, 12-13: yellow, 14-17: gray).


Saint Tikhon's Summer Camp no longer facilitates scholarships.
We encourage families to reach out to their home parishes for assistance in paying the camp fee.


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