For St. Tikhon's Summer Camp Parents

What is the best thing you can do for your child this summer? Send him or her to Saint Tikhon’s Summer Camp. Your child will return home with enough memories to fill a novel, and friends to last a lifetime. At Saint Tikhon’s Summer Camp, we offer your child the opportunity to spend a week at the oldest operating Orthodox Christian monastery in North America with other Orthodox Christian children, enjoying each other’s company and worshipping together on beautiful land where saints have walked.

About Our Camp Facilities

Campers and counselors live in the Dormitory building during camp. Your child will be assigned to a room with other children his age, as well as a room counselor who will make sure everyone gets to bed on time. Most meals are held in the Trapeza, a dining hall on the monastery side of the grounds. Food is prepared and served by our wonderful kitchen staff, comprised of several veteran camp cooks who find new ways to stump the Health Inspector each year with their cleanliness. Morning and Evening prayers services are held daily in the Pavilion, as well as educational workshops and arts and crafts projects. At the end of the week, the monastery church is used to celebrate Vespers and Divine Liturgy.


Please visit our Parents' FAQ Page if you have any questions regarding St. Tikhon's Summer Camp.